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What is Pre-Tect Ergonomic Software?

Would you like to achieve sustainable behavior change among your office workers?

Pre-Tect is proven to create positive and sustainable behavior change among office workers with disabilities. Pre-Tect has been proven to increase productivity and significantly reduce pain related complaints. With this software installed on desktops your employees become your biggest ally in the fight for improved productivity and reduction in lost work time incidents.

Pre-Tect works because it empowers disabled people to adopt good posture and exercise practice therefore reducing the impact of their disability at work. It helps employees monitor their own work patterns and make sustainable improvements to their work habits through a tailored range of exercises and stretches in micro break portions (20 seconds). The result is lowered fatigue, reduced tension and pain and healthier, more productive employees.

What does Pre-Tect do?

Pre-Tect provides you with a toolkit specific to your disability and both prevents injury due to repetitive strain and postural dysfunction and also protects against specific identified risks to your musculoskeletal system. Pre-Tect software runs in the background on each office worker’s desktop. The software then provides training, breaks and exercise reminders tailored to each worker’s disability needs, thus helping them achieve positive behavior change and reducing their risk of pain and injury.

Is there any scientific evidence for this?

Yes! We have compiled a list of publications which investigate the effects micro-breaks have on job performance and general employee wellbeing. Click here to see this list.

Who uses this software? 

The software has been sold to and is used by people in large and small companies and local authorities such as BT, NHS, various police forces to name but a few.

Will it run on my PC?

Yes very likely. The software has very few hardware requirements and runs on a normal Windows based PC.

Are you spying on me?

No. Unlike other software, PreTect does NOT monitor your keyboard strokes or otherwise interfere with the running of your PC. It is a normal Windows application. The software is NOT web based and does NOT transfer data  to anybody outside your organisation.