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‘Pre-Tect has helped me manage my pain and complete a successful return to work.’
E Youngson (NHS Support Desk Administrator)

‘Forgetting exercises as soon as they are given to me was always a problem but now I have this support at my desk’
A Whittaker (Social Worker)

‘Work deadlines always made me ignore advice to take breaks; having a prompt to reinforce this need has radically improved my comfort and productivity. Thank you Pre-Tect!’
A Tapping (Callcenter Operator)


Pre-Tect provides you with a toolkit specific to your workplace barriers.

Pre-Tect helps employers meet Health and Safety guidance and can form a key component of reasonable adjustment packages.

Pre-Tect empowers the user, providing instant access to a suite of stretches and exercises specific to their needs. The built in microbreak reminder alerts the user to a need for postural change with occasional stretches.

Add Pre-tect to your office ergonomics programme and see a positive healthy change in your staff.