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About Us

PreTect Ergonomic Software is a British Company, set up in collaboration between medical professionals and risk managers, whose aim is to reduce the barriers to work that physical disabilities or debilitating medical conditions can bring.

Medical professionals, with years of experience working with adults in the work place, have collaborated to deliver this innovative collection of stretches and exercises.

The working day can place a lot of strain on our bodies. When seated we require static activity from our postural muscles to hold our body and head upright. Prolonged activity in these muscles can cause fatigue, which may lead to injury or discomfort.

We are all built in a different way and may have additional challenges or barriers to work; these can lead to maintaining awkward postures that place additional strain on the musculoskeletal system though reducing blood flow, placing pressure on nerves, or damaging soft tissue.

Microbreaks of approximately 15 to 45 seconds every 15 to 30 minutes have demonstrated clear health benefits to the upper and lower extremities, back, neck, and eyes. Pre-Tect provides customisable reminders for these microbreaks and provides exercises and stretches to further decrease exposure to the risk of developing an ergonomic injury.